Safety Precautions has the utmost priority for safety and security of their clients and therefore, as part of that effort we recommend all user to adopt the following safety Tips :

[1] Always report the accurate information on your profile. Upload descent pictures with normal expression and smile.

[2] Read complete detail on the profile of your match, do not hurry contacting your match just looking at his/her photos and basic detail.

[3] Use straight forward language while contacting your match through chat, email or phone and do not hesitate to verify all the details on his/her profile.  After all it is a question of your life.

[4] Do not move forward on future promises and always adopt a "Trust but Verify" policy.

[5] Try to arrange meetings more than one time and specially on different weekdays before committing anything. 

[6] Make sure you check and meet the family members and verify their authenticity with asking gentle questions. If possible, check the residence physically which is claimed in the profile. 

[7] If you are a female and you are asked to arrange meeting, then avoid unknown location of meetings and try to arrange that nearby to your home. Also avoid the timings after sunset. Accompany your parents/brother/friend/trusted relative on your first meeting with unknown person first time, if possible. 

[8] Reject alcohol/smoking on your meetings even though you generally do it, if offered.

[9] Like "Do not Judge a Book from his Cover". Do not judge your match by first conversation or meeting. You will only have more idea if you communicate multiple time. Also have a chat/communication with their friends if possible, because they can help you judge his/her nature or personality better. 

[10] We recommend that you stop communication and move to another profile when you find FIRST significant lie about your match which can not be explained by him/her. 

[11] You can call or contact us for more advise when you required. 


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