CNP - MadhyastiBabu Network Partner

Enroll with as CNP member with Registration Fees Rs.10000/- & Rs.5000 security deposit. You will be provided with Registration ID.
Do Free profile registration (no charge to your client) in and you get Rs.10. Also get 50% commission on any paid registration of your profile.
Work from home, at your convenient time and as long as you want. No target. Make money from home. The more you do free profile registration, more you make. No limits.
For example, if you do 1000 Free profile registration and 50 paid registration (Rs.2000 plan) you will be paid Rs.60,000 (10x1000 = 10000 + 50% of 50 paid profile 50000).
All Payout will be performed on monthly basis with minimum Rs.2000 payout occurs.
50% of the profile should have photo uploaded. All profiles will be verified by corporate Office.
One day training of back office, profile registration and about will be provided.

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